Holiday Crush

Not sure what it is… seems everyone wants a new studio for the holidays… i was planning on taking off for two weeks the end of this year but now suddenly i have two more projects coming up and another two right after that… sheesh… no rest for the weary…

good thing i really love this stuff… its weird how when i need a break from creating copious documentation that i spend it doing quick sketches for folks on about 10 forums… nuts…

anyways, its always interesting the diversity of people, projects, locations, and requirements. there really are no cookie cutter designs because there’s always some variation to the way people work, what they have to work with (building, equipment), and budget… it does make for an interesting work environment. the best thing is that everyone for the most part is very nice and i’ll have no shortage of recording studios i can drop in on where ever i am on the globe…

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