Ready for the new year

As the new year approaches, i can look back on a pretty successful year of designing studios for people around the globe. i donate a significant amount of time and effort to do inexpensive or free designs for people all around the globe. i do this this because i have learned so much from many people and feel this is one way i can give back to the world at large. it also helps to have a full time job that enables me to support my family without depending on expensive design fees, so it enables me to take on design jobs where the total budget is under $100K US. In 2007, i either designed, co-designed, or helped out with design ideas on over 250 studios (pretty much every day really…). of these 12 full designs were paid, and about 50 full designs were free for educational, or other groups.

high-cloudsHaving just finished a design for some great folks in South Carolina, i’m busy on my vacation taking care of some smaller projects which i hope to complete this weekend so i can take off a couple of days before digging in on some larger projects.

So if you’re looking for design assistance, get a hold of me as i do have some slow time for the next week or so… and try to give back to the internet community whenever you have something to offer. its a strong investment in people and the music.

have a happy and safe new year!


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