Mysterious Visitations

one of the cool things about having a web site is the ability to view activity reports which show you how people are using the site and hopefully to gain some insight into things that people find useful. one pattern i’m seeing are people (anonymously) making 2, 3, or 4 visits to the site and repeated visits to the contact page and my design checklist page, all without contacting me! i don’t mind (really) but if you want to call me to discuss your project, please don’t feel that you will end up being obligated to hire me on the spot. i often advise bigger potential clients to “shop around” because designers can often provide important ideas on how to approach your project (for free!) and this can help you to more effectively determine what path (and designer(s)) you should take.

so if you are on your 2nd or more visits to my site and you want to chat, email or telephone me. if you’re international, email me to set up a time to talk via IM .