Running Brook Design is a professional recording studio and home theater design service with many successful designs completed for people and organizations around the world. We will work closely with you to ensure proper design development, and through highly interactive reviews on proposed design ideas, we create a set of high-quality documentation that ensures a thorough understanding of the critical design elements needed to properly construct your facility.

Whether you are looking for a complete facility with high isolation, or just acoustical treatment design for an existing space, we can help you to get the most out of your investment. We invite contractors, architects, interior designers, and other professionals, seeking to provide top-quality acoustic design for their clients, to contact us to discuss your needs.

One advantage of hiring a professional designer is that you get a level of assurance in a studio design that performs as expected, and the commonly made errors that ordinarily cost you time and money are avoided – often saving you more money than the design fees. Having a professional design may also help you to obtain the financing for your construction phase by providing high-quality presentations such as line art or a 3D rendering to show prospective investors, and documentation that could potentially streamline your review and approval processes.

info@runnel.com http://www.runnel.com

Recording Studio Design Samples

Our design process consists of design development – getting all your requirements and site details organized – then we’ll go through a number of preliminary design ideas (workflow, aesthetics, and acoustic perspective) until we find the one that works. Lastly, we create the final documentation which also includes a material list for your contractor to bid on, or for arranging logistics.

The output of the design project is a set of high-quality drawings, specifications, construction process guidelines, a 3D model, as well as consulting time (which can be used on-site or via Internet, telephone, webcam/laptap at your site, etc). You can then take those documents to an investor, licensed architect, and/or building officials for review and approvals, and to obtain any necessary permits.

AIGA AES We use a standard designers contract (AIGA) as the basis for our contracts so legal review time is short and easy. The design process can usually be completed in a short time for small projects such as a home studio or theater, and acoustic treatments for a small room or office. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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